Customize your Monceau in 3D

3D based car configurators suits 50-years-old car

APRIL 16 - 2021

A car configurator, especially a 3D based car configurator is something for the major car manufacturers. However Monceau thinks it suits a 50-year-old car as much as it does a brand-new vehicle.

Therefore with no further ado, we present our 3D Monceau eSL and eSLC car configurator!
Because we can custom-built any car that our client envisions, we were not able to launch a conclusive customization tool that can visualize any Monceau car that we could possibily build. Therefore we sticked to all the original Mercedes uni color and metallic paints that were originally supplied to the editions that you can select in our configurator. So let’s say you fancy the 1972 Edition, then you can choose from the color pallette of all 1970-1975 paints that a customer could supply in its day. We’ve added 8 interior colors so that a future customer can already get a feel of possible color combinations that he or she likes, before we help choose and custom order together with our client advisor.

Needless to say that our customization tool works on all devices, from Apple or Android smartphone to laptops and tablets. Simply in the browser without any installation of an app.
Please go to and start designing your own Monceau electric dream classic!


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