Monceau classic EV candidates

We present our three first candidates to be rebuild as Monceau electric classics

MäRZ 31 - 2020

Since the start of Monceau Automobiles, we have been focusing on Mercedes classics as basis for our spirited and care-free classic EVs. Our main reason for that is the elegance, iconic styling and the German build quality. Mercedes produced a wide range of models and even invented the car as such with its 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen.

Iconic classics of the past are the elegant 540K, the marvelous 300 SL Gullwing and the majestic 600 limousin. At Monceau we focus on models that are obtainable as good donor cars, but still have that Mercedes Benz iconic appeal. Therefore we have chosen both the magnificent W107 series (SL & SLC) and the elegant W111 series (coupe & convertible).

But where did we find our candidate cars? And can we save cars from an untimely death and revive them as 21st century electric classics?

Mercedes 280 SLC (C107) – PRE-ORDERED as eSLC

1st delivery: February 1981
Delivered in: Germany
VIN: WDB10702210009767
Exterior color: 473 Champagne
Interior color: 933 Brown

Our prime candidate we’ve bought in 2019 is the 280 SLC which is currently being restored. Monceau started with the C107 SLC because it’s the favourite car of one of our founders, who’s going to be the first owner of a Monceau eSLC. The champagne colored SLC was first delivered in Nordhorn Germany to an entrepreneur in neon and illuminated advertising signage. He ordered the car with brown velour interior, the standard 5 speed manual gearbox, an electric sunroof, optional right side mirror, folding armrest in front, a fire-extinguisher and rear mounted speakers. The 1st owner drove the car apparently as his day-to-day car, driving the 280 SLC for more than five years and 130.000 kilometers. Somewhere during 1986 he sold the car and it went to the Hannover area, where the maintenance manual stops providing further information. We assume that it was also driven fiercely by it’s second owner, because we could pick up the trail again in 2001 via an MOT form. At that time the car was still driving in the Hannover area (Wedemark) and had meanwhile driven more than 270.000 kilometers. We discovered it 2019 at a dealer forecourt near Hamburg with a whopping mileage of more than 347.000 kilometers and in a fairly good state. Although later sand blasting revealed earlier restoration work, but that is inevitable with such a high mileage. Currently the car will be revived to a better than new condition before being transformed into an electric Monceau classic.


Our 1981 Mercedes 280 SLC Monceau eSLC candidate (C107)

Mercedes 380 SL (R107) – AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER

1st delivery: September 1984
Delivered in: Germany
VIN: WDB1070451A017512
Exterior color: 568 Signal Red
Interior color: 271 Anthracite leather

Delivered new at the end of the summer of 1984 at the Ravensburg Mercedes dealer. Ravensburg is a city in the south of Germany in the direct vicinity of Lake Constance (Bodensee in German). In a very vibrant signal red color and black leather, it’s first owner ordered the car full-option with automatic climate control, everything electrical, heated seats, limited slip differential and rear bench (for all options click here). Very little is known about the further history, but somehow this European SL went to the USA somewhere in the mid- to late 80’s and ended up in West Monroe in the State of Louisiana. It drove there in the first years of the 21st century and then somehow found it’s way to Texas, where Monceau found the car in a Texan barn without it’s engine, transmission and fuel tank. It was covered with chicken poop and very dirty, apparently waiting for a heart transplant. The current owner wanted to fit a US V8 Chevrolet engine in the 380 SL, but never came to that point. After a long journey, we have now rescued this Euro-SL and it is in a remarkable good shape, very little rust and very original. An ideal candidate to be our first Monceau eSL.

This R107 SL can still be pre-ordered as the first Monceau eSL: please contact us via our pre-order form.


Our 1984 Mercedes 380 SL Monceau eSL candidate (R107)

Mercedes 250 SE Coupe (W111) – PRE-ORDER POSSIBLE

1st delivery: March 1966
Delivered in: Germany
VIN: WDB11102112084767
Exterior color: 050 White
Interior color: 201 black leather

Delivered new somewhere in Germany in a pristine white body color and with the optional (and rare) heated rear window, sunroof and rear speakers, this car was destined for an owner with good taste. At this stage we’re still figuring out what the history of this car is, any help is appreciated. At this stage we only know that it belonged to a Mr. Werner Hardieck around 1982 who lived in Rösrath near Cologne. We found the car as part of a larger collection of W111/W112 cars, being partly restored and without an engine. The last owner wanted to install the 3,5 liter of the 280SE 3.5, but died before he was able to finish the project. Monceau rescued the car from a trader in the south of Holland. Now waiting to be revived as the first Monceau eSE/C.

If you are interested in this W111 SE, please contact us for pre-order options for this Monceau eSE/c coupe via our pre-order form.


Our 1966 Mercedes 250 SE coupe Monceau eSE/C candidate (W111)


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