Why is the W107 so awesome?

Elegant and sporty, powerful and confident

NOVEMBER 11 - 2019

That’s how Mercedes-Benz described their new W107 series which started life early 1971. The new car had big shoes to fill as the third generation of cars that bore the name SL: Sport Leicht. After the first 300 SL Gullwing and Roadster and the 190 SL, which were market in parallel, their successor came in the form of the W113 series nick-named Pagoda SL. The W107 design process started in the mid-sixties and the car came to the market in the spring of 1971. And it was a model series which proved to be a runaway success: the Roadsters remained in production for a period spanning more than 18 years.

So why is the W107 so awesome and why did Monceau choose this specific model. Here are our five main reasons:

Style icon
Featured in dozens of films and tv-series, the W107 was a style icon for two generations. From the roaring 1970’s to the hedonistic 1980’s, the SL was part of the life of successful businessmen, rock stars and Hollywood film stars. From Elvis Presley to Bruce Lee and Steve Jobs or from Beverly Hills Cop to Dallas, the W107 was the car of choice for the stars and other happy few.

From Beverly Hills Cop to Dallas, the Mercedes W107 was the favorite choice of Movie Stars and other celebrities.

Timeless iconic design
The W107 has all the hallmarks of a timeless automobile. It’s almost Bauhaus-like design is very classic and still very contemporary. The styling is timeless and little sports cars have achieved to be attractive for such a long period of time; the SL was produced from 1971 to 1989 and was as successful in sales at the end of life as it was at the start. Name one other car that has such an impressive track record!

Rally & racing
Although more a luxury grand tourer, the W107 still enjoyed some impressive successes at mainly the rally track. Andrew Cowan won the 1978 Vuelta a la América del Sud and finished in third place in the Bandama Rally in Africa in 1979 with a 450 SLC 5.0.  A second 450 SLC 5.0 liter rally car driven by Hannu Mikkola won the Bandama Rally in 1979 and finished in 2nd place in the world championship. For 1980 Mercedes Benz wanted to compete with a newly developed 500 SL rally car to be driven by Walther Röhl, but before the start of the new rally season this car was withdrawn.

refurbished or restored and refitted.

Indestructible & Safe
It’s a Mercedes, so despite some specific W107 issues, this car is very solid and virtually indestructible. The build quality is superb and the ride often as good as new. Therefore it’s a perfect basis for restoration and conversion to EV. It’s also a very safe car in terms of classic ownership, it was revolutionary in the seventies with a crumple pattern of the body and shell structure as well as highly resilient A-pillars and interior appointments designed consistently in line with safety criteria..

Convertible or Coupe
The W107 was built as convertible SL (R107) and as practical coupe SLC (C107). Depending on your needs and wishes you can either drive the SL on Ibiza and park it at your second home or use it day to day as a family car in the city, while still driving in style and without any worries about the carefree electric drivetrain.


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