Monceau Spring Update

Our first Monceau eSLC

APRIL 20 - 2020

We’d like to update you on our progress so far; behind the scenes we are working very hard towards our first Monceau eSLC and are expecting the A sample car to be up-and-running this Summer. So let us walk you through the development and results over the past few months:


As you probably read in earlier social media posts, we’ve chosen in 2019 to start off our development process with a full body 3D scan of our SLC donor car and have been engineering the virtual eSL/C ever since. The development of the complete driveline and the development of the battery packs is almost finished in the 3D model. Also the software for VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) and BMS (Battery Management System) is completed in cycles from Model-in-the-Loop (MIL) to Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL). This means that our progress has not been very visible, because most of the development has been done in the computer so far. The reason for choosing this virtual approach is efficiency, thoroughness and safety. Parallel to this process the eSLC is being mechanically restored and we expect all parallel processes to cross paths in July.

eSLC development

Depicted are screenshots of the virtual eSLC model with the front section nearly completed in terms of driveline and battery pack engineering. Currently working on the rear section.

Battery packs and components

One of the most important components in a classic EV are the battery packs. The Monceau eSL/C will feature custom developed brand-new battery packs with in total 50 kWh capacity. Both packs are liquid cooled for better performance and durability. All other components are high-quality products many Swiss-made. Most notably is the very efficient axial flux permanent magnet electric motor with no less than 550Nm torque/180 BHP power and weighing less than 40 kilograms.
For us the W107 platform is a joint development for both SLC and SL models. However we’ve started with the SLC model as it is technically the most logical starting point and will derive the SL model from the SLC. The front section is largely the same between the two models, however the rear section is most challenging and different. The boot space of the SL is limited due to its smaller wheelbase and the fact that an SL has an additional compartment to store the softtop. In both models we want to keep a generous boot space comparible to the original SL.

State-of-the-Art components

At Monceau Automobiles we only use and state-of-the-art EV components to build our cars. Only with these high-end components incorporated into our cars, we can give the Monceau stamp of approval and supply you an iconic, care-free and spirited electric classic.


For our clients we carefully select donors worthy of becoming an eSL or eSLC car. At Monceau we respect the automobile heritage and try to find donor cars that have an uncertain future. All are sound enough for being a good starting point, but either lack the original engine, are aborted restoration projects or have such high mileages that the risk of being abandonned or neglected is almost 100%. Read in that respect our other blog post where we introduce our donor heros.

In terms of restoration of our eSLC, we had some delays due to the Corona outbreak and had to change plans. However, we are happy to report that restoration is in full swing and we’re on track again towards our aim of starting the actual build in July. Currently the body has been sandblasted and metal work is being done. Some minor body changes are necessary to accommodate for the electric motor and rear battery pack. From there on we can start preparing for paint in the client’s desired color. All Monceau cars will go through this rigorous process and will be supplied to our clients better than new!

Restoration to former glory

All Monceau cars will go through a rigorous process of restoration and will be supplied to our clients’ wishes as better than new electric classics!


We have some exciting plans when it comes to the interior of our electric classics. Of course all interiors will be restored to former glory in terms of fabrics, upholstery and switch gear. Our clients can choose any combination possible. We are thinking about offering an extra option to our clients for a fully new and custom designed interior in collaboration with a design studio. We’ll update you on that in due time.

In terms of the dashboard look and technology, we are also working on some interesting developments towards digitalization. To be continued…

Interior design

Either you can choose originality or a bespoke custom designed interior, customer is King or Queen! Both versions will have interior adaptations to accommodate and drive with the new electric driveline. To be continued…


The setup of both the Monceau eSLC and eSL will be a rear wheel direct drive with front mounted motor and front & rear mounted battery packs. We will add some more weight in the back and mildly remove some weight in the front. Current calculations reveal a better weigh balance than the original W107 cars. To optimize roadholding and improve over the original W107 platform, we are working together with an ex-Formula 3 driver and engineer to make the necessary changes to the suspension, brakes and steering. We are definitely not going to create a race car feel; we’d like to keep the eSL/C’s Grand Touring feel, and improve both performance and general driving experience.

So far our update for now. We are working on more definitive specifications and a brochure for those interested in pre-ordering a Monceau electric classic.
If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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