We’re finally building!

The building process

JANUARI 27 - 2021

After more than a year of preparation, this November we have finally starting building our first eSLC. And our meticulous preparations paid off. Let us talk you through the current status of the building process.

The Body

After months of restoration, we have got the body back in Genk. The SLC was completely stripped to the bare bones and the shell was sandblasted to naked metal. Carefully building up the damaged metal piece by piece until the whole body was as new again. While working the metal several small adaptions to the body were made to accomodate the new electric driveline. Multiple layers of undercoatings, sanding and prepping, hundreds of hours of labour until finally the 930 Magnetite Blau paint could be applied. See the steps below.

The Interior

Parallel to the body restoration, we have started discussions with the future owner on interior design. Basically sky is the limit, from a complete original in-period interior with the actual fabrics and leathers of the W107 series or a full custom design. For this eSLC the client chose a custom interior with a mix of new leathers, alcantara and the original fabric from the legendary 300 SL Gullwing. Stunning combination with the Magnetite Blue paint!

Custom interior

Your wish is our command, using high quality new leathers and alcantara combined with the traditional 300 SL Gullwing fabric to create a comtemporary but still very authentic interior design.

The Parts and assembly

When you build an electric classic car, you need a lot of custom parts. Parts that are sometimes available and sometimes non-existing. In the last category we need to design and build specific components ranging from radiator, the Power Distribution Unit, dashboard, battery packs and suspension and lots more. Partnering with lots of suppliers worldwide that help us realize this high-quality vehicle. Partly we also use 3D printing and scanning techniques to build true to new-tech principles.

Currently the SLC is being part assembled by our partner SL Classics. Before we start building in the electric drivetrain, we first want to have the car part-assembled. This means refitting lots of new parts such as headlights , rear lights, rubber seals, glass, bumpers, etc. Some parts can and will be refurbished or restored and refitted.

The Drivetrain

The most important part of any Monceau electric classic is the brand new drivetrain. We have been building a full working test setup with all the drivetrain components from the electric motor to the inverter, charger, DC-DC converter, VCU and all auxiliary components. This setup can already be test through and through and soon we will connect a full-fledged test battery and the BMS to run the drivetrain on high voltage. We are doing all these test before we build in the actual drivetrain into the car. Also the test setup will be used for all kinds of testing and preparation work for EMC certification.

The Battery Packs

Last but not least our liquid cooled 50kWh battery packs that we develop together with our partner Power Battery. This November we have done final testing of the battery pack casings. From the actual size and fits to the newly developed suspension and mounting systems. The 3D designs on which the casing designs and placement of the packs was building were very acurate and we had no surpises with the final fitting session. Parallel the battery packs and cooling system are build at the Eindhoven factory of Power Battery.

Marriage of the components is scheduled for December/January.
So far our update for this year. If you have any questions or comments, place them below or send us an e-mail to info@monceau-automobiles.com or via our contact form.

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