Monceau Press Coverage!

This May Monceau Automobiles released its first ever press release.

JUIN 17 - 2020

Initially only in The Netherlands and we have to say with great success! We were featured on dozens of news websites and on sustainability, mobility or electric vehicle websites. The largest Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” even featured an article in the printed news paper! We are humbled and thankful for all the attention and also the great feedback from fans, enthusiasts and prospective clients.

Here a short summary of the most prominent features, you can click on the image to go to the article’s website:

De Telegraaf

“Classic Mercedes for fossil fuel haters”

May 26th 2020

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“Belgian-Dutch Startup electrifies the Good Old Benz”

May 17th 2020

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Algemeen Dagblad

“All Mercedes go electric: Dutch-Belgian company can do that job”

May 18th 2020

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“Monceau Automobiles Sells Electric Mercedes Cars Daimler Never Created”

June 17th 2020

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“Sacrilege? Old Mercedes classics turned into electric vehicles”

May 17th 2020

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Youngtimer Magazine

“Startup electrifies SLs”

July-August edition 2020

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