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01. Iconic

We specialize in the iconic and timeless beauty of the Mercedes-Benz Classics of the 60s, 70s & 80s. You have the choice of several sports model within the W107 and W111 series, coupes and convertibles.


We cherish the lively and luxurious character of the original Mercedes-Benz classics, while adapting brand-new electric technology with modern-day performance and range for the ultimate electric classic driving experience.


We let you drive a classic car without the worries and troubles of an old car. Relaxed driving with a minimum of maintenance and always ready to go anywhere you want! Care-free driving is also the fact that an electric classic is allowed to drive anywhere, even in inner city low emission zones.


We use state-of-the-art electric technology and re-purpose existing classics by converting inefficient internal combustion engines into clean driving machines. Minimizing your carbon footprint on the go with zero emissions and a clear conscience to drive within cities or in beautiful nature reserves.

Meet our team
of experts

Strong from its multiple years of experience in e.g. Formula E championship and other electric engineering projects, our team consists of classic car experts, body work specialists, battery & electronical engineers, software engineers and mechanical designers.

Roel Pollen
Co-founder & Managing Director

Roel Pollen is Managing Director responsible for Strategy, Sales and Marketing. He has founded, led and sold several successful companies in his career. Roel studied Economic Environmental Management but has always been active in technology and consumer products and has a large network in the area of Disruptive Technology. Roel is a tremendous classic car enthusiast.

Alexandre Dallemagne
Investor & Advisor

Alexandre Dallemagne is owner and CEO of Sodaphi Group. Driven by local support, innovation and responsible investment, Sodaphi Group seeks a permanent balance between growth, value creation and well-being. The group’s objective is above all to support creative and ambitious projects that are part of a lasting commitment and helping them to achieve their ambition.

Tom Van de Cruys
Co-founder, Investor & Advisor

Tom Van de Cruys has a vast amount of experience in managing large cooperates and was the former CEO of Lampiris for over a decade. He is currently Managing Director Integrated Power at TotalEnergies Spain and has board membership at TeKshift. He is the main investor & advisor and shares his vast network to the benefit of Monceau Automobiles.

Klaas De Craemer
Co-founder & Technical Director

Klaas De Craemer is Technical Lead responsible for all technical development. He is a researcher in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. His research mainly focuses on battery development and testing. All his life he did electric conversions of vehicles and other inventive electric applications. He lives and breathes electric technology.

Dany Geurts
Operational lead & body work specialist

Dany Geurts has the operational lead of our new body shop in Hasselt. Dany is a pro in all the facets of car restoration and draws knowledge from more than 30 years of experience in this area. Numerous welding techniques, bespoke metal work, master spray painting and much more. Amongst others he worked at Mercedes-Benz before joining our team.

Nicolas Ollivier
Mechanical designer

Nicolas Ollivier is as Mechanical Engineer responsible for the design and development of every customized element of our electric classic Mercedes-Benz models. Each platform we bring is based on a 3D model and engineered in 3D Experience CATIA of Dassault Systemes. Nicolas studied mechanical and product engineering at the Université de Toulon in France.

Robin Schrijvers
Body work specialist
Laurent Tricoche
Control Engineer
Rowan Le Coz
Software Engineer
Renaat De Craemer
Testing & certification
Bart Loenders
Mechanic & prototyping

We’re always looking to enforce our team. Interested?

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We retrofit Mercedes classics to modern EV technology and build beautiful electric classic cars. Keeping the iconic beauty while adding


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