Monceau eSL

The R107, a beloved roadster of the 70s and 80s, has been electrified by Monceau Automobiles. Our homage, the Monceau eSL, blends vintage aesthetics with modern electric power. Enjoy spirited drives, zero emissions, and versatility for city or countryside escapades.

Hedonism on wheels

One of the most iconic roadsters ever build and a huge success amongst the rich and famous of the 70’s and 80’s. With it’s modern looks it shocked the world in 1971 and was a hard break in style with the baroque styled Pagoda. Hedonism on wheels which is now turned into an electric piece of art by Monceau Automobiles.

We made an homage to the R107 with the Monceau eSL electric roadster. The looks of the seventies and eighties with the modern and clean drivetrain of today. Plenty of performance, spirited drop-top driving and zero emissions. Your ideal car for weekend trips, inner city drives or as a carefree ride at your second home in Portugal.

Prices start at 229.000 Euros excl. taxes for a complete Monceau eSL build, including donor vehicle, full bare shell restoration and the Monceau proprietary electric drivetrain.


  • Standard Battery:

    52,3 kWh Lithium Ion liquid-cooled

  • Peak Power:

    147 kW / 200 BHP

  • Peak Torque:

    600 Nm

  • Transmission:

    Direct Drive with 3.92 differential, RWD

  • Charger :

    AC up to 22 kW / DC 80 kW CCS fast charging

  • Upgraded Battery (optional):

    56 kWh Lithium Ion liquid-cooled

  • Approx. Weight:

    1.595 kg

  • Acceleration:

    0-100 km/h: 7.5 sec

  • Top speed:

    170 km/h

  • Range:

    280 - 320 km

The longest lasting SL

The R107 was one of the last designs overseen by legendary lead designer Friedrich Geiger, who brought the world the majestic 540K, the superb 300 SL Gullwing and the predecessor Pagoda SL. The design process started at the end of the sixties and sales began in April 1971 and endured a stunning eighteen years until August 1989. Only the Mercedes G-Wagen lasted longer. Over the full production lifespan Mercedes-Benz managed to seduce an increasing amount of buyers over its entire lifespan bridging almost two decades. In-period, most of the roadsters went to the United States.

Movie stars & Playboys

The R107 roadster was a bestseller and style icon right off the bat. Owners ranged from business tycoons to actors and actresses or music performers the likes of David Bowie, Bruce Lee and Steve Jobs. It featured in dozens of movies and series: Beverly Hills Cop, Dallas and Magnum P.I. to name just a few. You cannot watch a movie from that era without spotting an SL somewhere in the streets or as the preferred ride of the main character.

Safety First

Mercedes-Benz’s safety concept with front and rear crumple zones and a rigid passenger cell was further perfected by Béla Barényi in this W107 model series. Furthermore the R107 SL was the first car to feature an integrated overroll bar in the A-pillar and windscreen. This resulted in a remarkable power of resistance in the roof-drop test, with the result that it was possible to license the open-top car for the USA even without a so-called Targa bar. For quite a long time, the R107 was therefore the only two door convertible for sale in the United States.

Interested in a Monceau eSL?

Together with the Monceau team we create your own personalized Monceau eSL. From custom paints to beautiful interior fabrics or leathers.

You name we, we create it.