Monceau eSE coupe

The W111, perhaps Mercedes-Benz's finest four-person coupe, radiates majesty from every angle with its irresistible 60s styling. Enhanced by Monceau's electric drivetrain, it drives like a dream. With its sixties aesthetics, stunning lines, and clean electric power, it offers the ultimate driving experience.

First S-class coupe

The W111 is arguably the most beautiful four-person coupe Mercedes-Benz ever made. It looks majestic from any angle and the 60’s styling is just irresistible. All W111s drive wonderfully good, but with the Monceau electric drivetrain it like a dream. What isn’t there to like: sixties styling, gorgeous lines and clean, electric propulsion for the ultimate driving experience.

Prices start at 349.000 Euros excl. taxes for a complete Monceau eSE coupe build, including donor vehicle, full bare shell restoration and the Monceau proprietary electric drivetrain.


  • Standard Battery:

    52,3 kWh Lithium Ion liquid-cooled

  • Peak Power:

    147 kW / 200 HP

  • Peak Torque:

    600 Nm

  • Transmission:

    Direct Drive with 3.92 differential, RWD

  • Charger:

    AC up to 22 kW / DC 80 kW CCS fast charging

  • Upgraded Battery (optional):

    56 kWh Lithium Ion liquid-cooled

  • Approx. Weight:

    1.600 kg

  • Acceleration:

    0-100 km/h: 8.5 seconds

  • Top speed:

    160 km/h

  • Range:

    250 - 300 km

W111 Elegance & Style

The W111 coupe debuted in February 1961 at the 75th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The convertible followed a few months later. It’s still one of the most beautiful and stylish coupe that every left the Sinderfingen factory. Models started in 1961 with the 220SE and a so called Hochkühler grille and production ended with the iconic Flachkühler 280SE 3.5 in 1971.

Interested in a Monceau eSE coupe?

Together with the Monceau team we create your own personalized Monceau eSE coupe. From custom paints to beautiful interior fabrics or leathers.

You name it, we create it.