Stylish Timeless Beautiful

We retrofit Mercedes-Benz classics to modern EV technology and build beautiful electric classic cars. Monceau Automobiles is specialized in the timeless Mercedes-Benz sports cars, notably the coupe and convertible models. Our model range currently consists of four models: the iconic R107 eSL roadster, the eccentric C107 eSLC sports coupe, the elegant W111 eSE convertible, and the classy W111 eSE coupe. Other models to be announced, sedans, SUVs and other sports models are on our roadmap for the future.


Our available models

Monceau eSL

The iconic roadster that lasted for almost two decades is now electrified with endless droptop driving pleasure for two.

Monceau eSLC

The eccentric coupe with the remarkable louvre windows is the perfect electric classic for weekend trips or even business rides.

Monceau eSE convertible

The classy electric convertible that fits four people in style. You will easily be the most beautiful car at any charge station.

Monceau eSE coupe

The most beautiful coupe ever made in Germany catapulted into the new millennium as electric classic sports coupe.

Restored to your personal taste

At Monceau Automobiles we find your dream electric classic and make it yours for life. All donor cars are selected carefully based on your preferences and chosen model. All cars are restored to the highest standard and completely created to your individual wishes. You can choose any vintage Mercedes color you like, from 419 Ikonengold to 501 Orientrot or 931 Magnetitblau or any other modern color you envision on your future electric classic car. The Interior will be fully redesigned and retrimmed with the finest materials, matching your dream paint color.


Sustainable Legacy

Do you own a classic Mercedes-Benz that is already in your possession or family for decades? We can imagine that you want to pass on your precious classic car to the next generation in a sustainable and durable way. Especially for these vehicles, Monceau offers a Heirloom conversion program that turns your gas guzzler into an electric beauty that can be passed to the next generations. We can optionally also completely restore your vintage Mercedes-Benz classic to an as-new condition. Please inquire or read more about the possibilities.


Future Monceau Classics

At Monceau Automobiles we are constantly improving our drivetrain and brainstorm about added new models to our electric classic line up. If you own a Mercedes-Benz classic that you wish to turn into a Monceau high-end electric restomod, please check our roadmap on the Future Classics page or contact us directly with your ideas. We are also open to special project or wild ideas when it comes to electric Mercedes-Benz classics!

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