From the MIL to the HIL

Here’s a short summary of what we’ve been up to.

JULY 01 - 2020

It’s been a while since our last update, but we have not been idle since our last Spring update! First of all we have been picked up in the press quite a lot, since our May Press Release. Also our development was working overtime the past few weeks.


Our electric classics will all feature a so called VCU or Vehicle Control Unit. An electric car could run without a VCU, but you have to cut corners and a lot of the old and often analogue features. Plus it’s harder to diagnose issues or run updates in the car under maintenance. Basically the VCU is the main computer that controls the car. Same as every computer it runs a software programme. Besides the VCU, we also implemented a so called Battery Management System or BMS. The BMS specifically controls the battery, e.g. to prevent the battery packs from overheating or discharging too far. It also gives the State of Charge (or SOC) to indicate how far the driver can still drive on the remaining capacity of the battery. In its turn the VCU gathers all this information and connects it to each and every other system (such as Inverter, Charger, DC/DC converter) in order to control the car. Where necessary the VCU also communicates to the driver with instructions or warnings. Are you still with us?

Simulation in the HIL

As a Hardware-In-the-Loop simualation, we can test the Monceau eSLC and simulate e.g. topspeed, acceleration and other scenarios.

Software Development in the MIL and in the HIL

As already mentioned the VCU runs on Embedded Software. This software is programmed by our team and first tested in the so called MIL or Model-In-the-Loop. In the MIL our software engineers can simulate our Monceau classic as a software model and refine its programming. As soon as they are happy with the simulation results, they can move to the HIL. The HIL or Hardware-In-the-Loop is closer to the actual car than the MIL. In this case computer hardware stands in for the actual car and let’s the VCU ‘believe’ that it’s already in the car. By doing so the simulation is obviously more representative of reality than in the MIL. After multiple simulations in the HIL and when our team is satisfied with the results, only then we will move to the actual Monceau classic. The whole progress is elaborate, but much more accurate and safe than a rather ‘trail-and-error’ or analogue approach.

Start eSL

The donor 380 SL is currently being disassembled, ready for 3D scanning and subsequent body restoration.

Finishing the eSLC, starting on the eSL
In a previous post, we’ve already mentioned our 380 SL donor car. As of June we have started to disassemble this donor car making it ready for restoration. Accurate 3D scans of the convertible are underway, since the eSL will have a different battery pack at the rear than the longer wheel-based eSLC. The eSLC is slowly but surely returning to its former glory in the new 932 Magnitite Blue paint color. Next stop will be building the complete car together, based on our well-conceived virtual design! In parallel we are selecting all the interior colors and materials and we have to say: it will be stunning!

Interior Design eSLC

Designing the best interior design to compliment the eSLC’s new paint color in Magnetite Blue, Mercedes number 932.

Pre-Order marketing starts
The Monceau Automobiles team has also been very busy with getting our marketing efforts up-and-running. For starters with have created a beautiful brochure with accompanying pre-order form. As of now, we are taking pre-orders for 2021, so please contact us to receive our full-color brochure with this pre-order information. We are also working on an exciting project to help our customers choose their Monceau edition and paint color. Out of the full Mercedes-Benz 1970-1990 paint catalogue, our clients can visualize any of the color virtually. We’ll keep you posted on that development towards this online Monceau eSL/C 3D customization tool.

Full-Color Brochure

Almost ready, our new brochure with Pre-Order information for our 2021 production. Contact us now to receive your information kit.

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